How I Secured A Mobile Phone Contract Even With Bad Credit

I always thought of myself as a financially conscientious person. I always lived within my means and wasn’t extravagant in any way. However, I realised the hard way that anybody can fall prey to hardships. An accident left me with a lot of medical bills, medication expenses, and credit card bills. Even with insurance, I struggled, and before I knew it, my credit rating sunk.

However, life goes on and the first thing I needed was another mobile phone, as the last one was destroyed in the accident. This time though, I experienced my first mobile phone contract application due to poor credit rating. I debated whether or not I should just buy a phone outright, but my medication expenses left me with little money for anything else, so it was out of the question.

Since I needed a mobile phone for work purposes as well as keeping in touch with my family, I decided to call up my previous mobile phone provider to discuss my financial situation. After a lengthy discussion about my situation, with a lot of pity-inducing stories on my side, the representative finally drops the solution: a bad credit mobile phone contract. He gave details on the terms of the contract, and I told him I needed time to think. The terms were extremely limited – their monthly plan limits were not enough for me as I do make a lot of calls and texts.

However, it bothered me that my previous provider never actively advertised their bad credit mobile phone contracts. I decided to call up other mobile phone providers. Turns out, most mobile phone providers actually have plans dedicated for people with bad credit, they simply don’t say it outright. Usually, I would have to do a bit of weaseling for them to finally open up about it. I would usually tell them that this other provider offered me this and that, and that’s when they would offer their bad credit plans.


Intrigued, I search the Internet for bad credit mobile phone contracts. This is how I found mobile phone contract brokers like They weren’t contract providers, but they were well-connected with several providers and they helped match people with bad credit with providers who can give them the largest chance at success.

I decided to go for it since their application was online. Turns out, it’s a great service not only for lazy people, but for people like myself, who don’t like the feeling of getting rejected. Instead of having to knock on doors like I did, I could check out all the options that were available to me under one roof. I simply filled out their application form and waited. A few hours later, I got a call from the service. I was endorsed to providers who weren’t iffy with credit ratings. It seems I passed the qualifications for these providers, and it was now up to me to check which providers offered the most acceptable terms.

I looked over the terms and conditions of the providers and found myself going with O2. They had basic plans which fit with my lifestyle and usage patterns. I was also okay with the tariffs and the usage terms. The handset wasn’t that great, but I guess beggars can’t be choosy. What sold me was the opportunity to upgrade. I was told that if I did well with my payments, I could upgrade to a normal phone plan in as early as six months.

And that is the story of how I got a mobile phone plan despite my dismal credit rating. If anything, the lesson here is don’t give up. The Internet is crawling with resources and services aimed at helping people with bad credit. All it takes is a bit of effort on your part to make things work.

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