Five Must Have Accessories For Your Mobile Phones


Five Must Have Accessories For Your Mobile Phones

Mobile phone accessories are equally as important as the handset they’re built for. While a few people are satisfied with whatever they get, others want to decorate their phones to the fullest. Not only do accessories make phones unique, they also add functionality and convenience. Below are five accessories that balance aesthetics and functionality so you can maximize your phone’s features and benefits.

Protective Covers and Cases

Some people like the simple design of their mobile phones, while others find it bland and plain. Protective covers and cases are great for people who would like to change the exterior look of their mobile phones. These cases and covers come in a variety of colours and designs, so it’s easy to pick something that suits your personality. Aside from its aesthetic appeal, these accessories also protect your mobile phones from cracks and scratches. Some high end covers even have shock absorbing capabilities so your mobile phone will remain unscathed even if you drop it.


If you’re buying a mobile phone kit, it will most likely come with a headset. However, if it doesn’t have one, or if the one included in the kit is not to your liking, there are a lot of headsets available for sale. You can choose between wired ones and wireless ones. For the wired headsets, you can choose between an earbud or boom headset. Earbud headsets are small enough to fit into your ear, and are more convenient to carry around due to its small size. Boom headsets are big enough to wrap around your ears. These headsets are recommended for people who love to listen to music as the sound produced is fuller.

Memory Card

Most mobile phones come with built-in memory, which is very limited. Users who want to download apps, songs, videos, and games onto their mobile phone will have a hard time trying to fit everything into the phone’s built-in memory. Memory cards are great for storing media and data on your mobile phone so you can download to your heart’s content. Memory cards come in either the microSD or microSDHC variants. Different phone models have different slot compatibilities, so check first which memory card type is compatible with your phone before purchasing one.

Extra Chargers

Mobile phone kits come with a wall charger; however, it’s a good idea to purchase extra chargers, especially if you use your mobile phone a lot. You can purchase a car charger, which is plugged into your car’s lighter outlet. You should also think about purchasing a USB charger if you have a laptop or desktop computer. This is more convenient for people who work on their computers all day. If you want, you can also get an emergency charger. This charger uses AAA batteries to give your phone enough juice for calls and text during emergency situations.


Every time you use your phone, it drains your phone’s battery, and you need to charge it again. However, in time you’ll notice that each charging time takes longer to complete and that your battery’s efficiency is slowly dropping. Having extra batteries lying around is a great way to ensure that you get rid of defective batteries as soon as possible. This is also a great alternative during situations where you can’t charge your phone.

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