Do We Rely On Mobile Phones Too Much?


Do We Rely On Mobile Phones Too Much?

We see conclusive proof of it all over social media – teens crying over broken, lost or stolen mobile phones like it was the end of the world. Sadly, this affliction doesn’t affect the younger generation alone. Although adults are less likely to overreact about it, all of us feel lost and confused without our mobile phones. This leads one to ask – how did convenience tread over to reliance?

Technology is a great thing, don’t get me wrong. I love how technology has made life easier for everybody. Mobile phones especially, have made life more enjoyable and convenient for everybody. However, when gadgets do all the thinking for you, does this mean it’s okay for us to turn off our brains?

For example, if you need to add up your expenses for this month, do you get a pen or paper and compute things manually, or do you rely on your mobile phone’s calculator? Do you personally remember the birthdays of your loved ones, or do you rely on your mobile phone’s calendar? As more and more apps are created for the mobile platform, the less thinking we have to do. But is this really a good thing? What if you lost your phone, would you panic if you needed to compute something? Would you struggle to remember what’s next on your schedule?

This is not to say that humans are getting dumber – far from that. All I’m saying is that the more we rely on gadgets, the easier it is to forget that there are a lot of things that we can do ourselves. The brain is a tool that must be used regularly in order to stay in top shape. If we rely too much on technology, we forget how powerful our minds are. And when we lose our phones due to one reason to another, we end up feeling lost. It’s like when you hurt your arm and you need to put it in a cast. When the cast is finally removed, your arm feels numb and it takes a while before you feel comfortable with it again.

Reliance on technology doesn’t affect adults as much, because we spent half of our lives without relying on these gadgets. But what about the younger generation? I see parents giving children their own mobile phones, tablets and other gadgets at such a young age. I see nothing wrong with it actually, as long as parents are still in control and guide the child through proper gadget usage. Unfortunately, most parents use these gadgets to distract their children so they have time for themselves. Because of this, we see kids using gadgets on their own, without parental supervision.

This leads to a lot of problems, one of which is the child’s overall reliance on their mobile phones over their parents. They’d rather spend time with their gadgets than with their families. Anything they need to know, they learn on their own instead of their parents. They are also exposed to material competition at a young age. Too often I see kids using mobile phones as a sort of status symbol, and if you don’t have the latest handset, then you are designated to the bottom of the social ladder.

All in all, technology is not a bad thing; however, if you rely more on mobile phone than your own abilities, then maybe you’re relying on it too much. Remember, mobile phones should be tools of convenience, not total dependence. If you’re relying on it too much, and if you can’t function well without a mobile phone, then it’s time to put down your phone and start exercising that wonderful mind of yours.